India's first ARAI Approved
AIS 140 Certified GPS Tracker

AIS 140 GPS Tracker

KGVT03 Vehicle Tracker is a product based on the GSM / GPRS network and GPS satellite positioning system for real-time tracking and geo-fencing.Operating voltage is from 11-45 VDC, which would be suitable for every vehicle on the road. KGVT03 uses own GPRS Protocol which is simple and practical, enabling you to integrate on your own platform efficiently.

  • Water and Dust Resistant
  • Live Tracking (min 5 secs)
  • Ignition Detection (On/Off)
  • Theft Alert – In built battery
  • Over Speeding Alert
  • Geo-Fencing – Zone and Route
  • Network Loss Alert
  • Remote Engine Cut Off

Live Tracking

The travel route of the vehicle can e easily and frequently be monitored by the tracker / monitored. This feature functions is a road navigational system where the vehicle monitoring person can alert the driver when he take the wrong route.

Ignition Detection(On/Off)

This feature enables the monitor to observe, record and analyze the parking and stopping locations as well as the related timings of commercial and private vehicles. The tracker device GPS based technology authentically transmits the correct information.

Over Speed Alert

This feature enables the tracker / monitor to check the speed of the vehicle at any given time from any location. The vehicle driver can then be alerted and warned of his crossing the speed limit.

Remote Engine Cut-off

The owner or an authorized person of a company can immediately turn off the engine of the vehicle if he or she concludes that the vehicle is being illegally driven or stolen. This can be achieved by the efficient tracking software that is installed in the smart cell phone.

Solid State Storage with 40,000 tracking records

4 Digital Inputs, 2 Digital Outputs, 2 Analog inputs

Serial Port (RS232)

3 Axis Accelerometer and 3 Axis Gyro meter

Large battery backup of 1000mAh

Embedded SIM Card

Provision for IRNSS support

IP Certified Waterproof

ICAT Certified

Reliable & Sturdy Body





GSM Module

Quad Band GSM



SIM Interface

Embedded and normal (eUICC- eSIM)

GNSS Channels

72-channel u-bonM8 engine

GNSS Module

UBX-M8030 – Concurrent reception
of up to 3 GNSS (GPS, Galileo, GLONASS, BeiDou)

GNSS Sensitivity

Tracking & Nav.: —167 dBm 
Reacquisition:- 160 dBm

Location Accuracy

2.5 m


GSM & GPS internal antenna

Internal Sensors

3Axis Accelerometer , Gyroscope and Temperature

Interfaces & Ports

2 Analog Input
4 Digital input
2 Digital output
1 Serial Port.

Communication Interface

AIS 140 – Dual IP addresses for PVT and SOS
Third IP for VAS services.


Firmware upgrade over the air.

Geo Fencing

Circular & Polygon.

Offline Data Storage

64000 Tracking Records (10 year data retention ).


12pin Automotive Connector

Input Voltage

8-36 VDC

Average Current Consumption

Idling consumption < 50mA Tracking consumption < 120mA

Internal Battery

Upto 6 Hours

LED Indication

Power Yellow
Process & Connectivity Red.
GPS Status Blue.


Poly Carbonate – 75mm*78mm*27mm


150 gm


Operating:-20 to +75 ℃ 
-40 to +85 ℃  (Without battery)


·       95% non-condensing


·       IP 66

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