KGMT 400 GPS Tracker

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KGMT400 is a multi-functional GPS tracking system that is used most widely for its advanced applications. KGMT400 has multiple digital and analog inputs along with the RS-232 serial communication port. It supports various functions such as Camera, RFID (radio frequency identification) & fingerprint scanner etc. Two-way talk with MIC and speaker.

  • Network Loss Alert
  • Remote Engine Cut Off
  • Door Alert
  • AC Alert
  • SOS
  • Temperature Alert
  • Fuel Alert
  • Driver Behavior
  • Camera (internal – still images) Qty-1
  • RFID – Driver and Passenger
  • I-Button
  • Bio-Metric

Driver Behavior

The advanced GPS technology tracker enables the monitoring person to view and record driver behavior at any given time and location on the road, in the course of the vehicle’s travel route from point of origin to point of destination. The tracker device records such vital vehicle analytical inputs as over speeding, high acceleration, high breaking, high speed cornering and U-Turns


This tracking feature comprises of identification of drivers and passengers through the digitized identification system of thumb impression prior to boarding and is used for coaches and buses. This tracking and monitoring system ensures that the drivers and all the booked passengers have boarded the vehicle at any given point in the course of the journey from origin to destination.

Camera (internal - still images) Qty-1

This is a specially engineered still-images camera that is installed at a strategic position within the interior of the coach or bus and wired to the concealed tracker device. This enables the monitoring person to view still color images during the day time and night vision images during low light or in total darkness during night time.

RFID - Driver and Passenger

This tracking device feature is best used for heavy vehicles in the transportation of passengers as it enables the monitoring person to determine that the authentic drivers as well as the authentic passengers have boarded the vehicle for the journey. This tracking and monitoring system comprises a card reader which every occupant of the bus or coach carries with him or her. This ensures total management control by the company.


Cut-off alarms, direction change report etc.

Temperature sensing


External GSM and GPS antenna for better accuracy

Fuel Level

Strong Communication with GPS+AGPS+LBS positioning

Live Tracking

Ignition ACC Alerts

Engine Cut-off










GSM Module


GPS Module


Input Voltage

DC 11~36V/1.5A

Internal Battery

600 mAh/3.7V

Power Consumption

30-35 mA standby current

Internal Battery Life

Standby 15 hours,normal working mode 6 hour 
22hours in normal mode

Operating Temperature

-20C ~ 70C

LED Light

3 LED lights indicating GPS/GSM/ext-power status


1 SOS Button, 1 Power Switch

Flash Memory

8 MB


3D Accelerometer

GSM Frequency Band

GSM 850/900/1800/1900MHz

GPS Sensitivity

-161 dBm

GPS Start Speed

Cold start: 29s; Hot start: 1s

Position Accuracy


RS232 Port

Connected by default to Camera


1 microphone and 1 speaker; Two-way conversation supported

1-Wire Port

Default connect to iButton reader, custom for Temperature sensor

I/O Port

·       4 Digital Inputs-1 Negative Input, 1 Positive Input

·       2 Custom Inputs (Default 1 Positive Input, 1 Negative Input)

·       2 Analog Inputs(AD1: 0~6V, AD2: 0~12V)

·       2 Outputs

·       1 Impulse detection (Default speed odometer detection)

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