KGPT 09 GPS PETS Tracker

  • Water and Dust Resistant
  • Live Tracking (min 15 secs)
  • Geo-Fencing – Zone and Route
  • Network Loss Alert
  • Low Battery Alert
  • Charger included
  • Small in Size (comes with strap)
  • Operation Time 24 hours – Full Charge
  • Charging Time – 3 Hours
  • Magnetic Charger included

Live Location on Mobile

You can keep your eyes on your kids and elders even if you are outside your home. You can open the mobile App provided to you there you can see exactly where they are. In case of movement also, you can see where they are moving.

Geo-Fencing for Safe Zone

You can mark a particular area of safe zone for your kids and elders so that you get the alert if they are leaving that zone/area. In the same way you can mark a particular route also. If they deviate from that route you get notification for that.

Smallest GPS Tracker for Your Loved Ones, so that you can Locate them anytime from anywhere

GPS+LBS Positioning

Ultra-low power consumption of power management

Waterproof IP67, ABS body

Compact, easy to carry


Virtual Fence (Geofence)

Get an instant notification when your pet leaves a defined safe area (e.g. backyard or neighborhood)

Location History

Ever wondered where your pets are when you are not around? KOSHAMBI products not only show where your pets are right now, but also where they have recently been.

Robust and Waterproof

If your pet loves to be outdoors, we have the right product for you. Thanks to its minimalist design, KOSHAMBI GPS devices are very robust, 100% waterproof and almost unbreakable.

Why you need GPS tracker for Pets?

Nowadays, Pet trackers have become very popular among pet owners and animal lovers. A pet trackers saves you from worrying about where your pet is. You will also feel more comfortable knowing the exact location of the pet whenever you want.

·       1. You are able to create safe zones for pet and get alerts as soon as it goes beyond the defined area. This way you will able to take action to bring the pet back home.


·       2. The tracker proves to be helpful when you will relocate to a new place. Most pets have a tendency of travelling back to their original home with help of trackers you can monitor your pet.

Always Stay Connected With Your Dog!

Regardless of when or where, always stay connected to your dog or cat. With KOSHAMBI GPS real-time tracking, you can see the exact trace of your four-legged friend. Thanks to the integrated virtual fence (geofence), KOSHAMBI will inform you immediately in the case that your cat or dog leaves a pre-defined safe area. Simply attach the GPS tracker to the collar and have peace of mind.
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